The JACK24 industrial 24-volt sectional door motor is now on the market. It is available in two versions – JACK24.50 for doors up to 20 m2 and JACK24.80 for doors up to 35 m2.

The control unit is easily accessible thanks to the hinged front cover, and is equipped with an innovative system for reducing consumption (ESA +), which guarantees consumption in standby mode below 0.3W. The additional module X.BE allows integration of home automation and programming systems through the BeUP application with PRO.UP interface.

The JACK24 engine has an integrated quick release

In the event of a power failure, the motor can be unlocked thanks to the integrated system. A standard battery charger is built into the motor housing and there is room for two 1.2 Ah batteries.

Another great advantage of the JACK.24 bike is that it is extremely compact, with a width of only 11 cm.

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