Dear clients,

We are pleased to inform you that the BeMOVE home control system is now officially on sale.

An innovative system, which thanks to the planning of events, the possibility of using the devices for time slots or even through the GPS function of the smartphone, allows you to make everything we want happen when we want and especially when we are not present.

What are the elements of the BeMOVE system?


It is the central gateway that represents the real interface for dialogue with the associated products, representing the heart of the system.
433.92 Mhz radio frequency transmission with 8 channels triple coding management, Advanced Rolling Code, Rolling Code and Fixed Code, HOOP allows 868 MHz radio frequency transmission (bidirectional) via i.HOOP plug-in transceiver module (accessory).



It is the 868 MHz transceiver module to be installed on board the HOOP central gateway which allows bidirectional communication and remote control of the state of the automations.



It is the 868 Mhz transceiver module for automations, but not only, which allows the command and remote control of the connected devices.


Installing BeMOVE is simple thanks to video tutorials, ask for all the information to our sales department.



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