Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I bought a new remote control. Can I program it by myself?

You can, if you know the exact model of the control unit, you have access to it and you have read and understand the instruction. You can find the instructions for all control units in section “Instructions” -> “Control Units” on the site.

Beside LTD offers a service  “Programming the remote control on customer’s place”, the price for the visit in the areаs in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Veliko Tarnovo is 50 BGN with VAT in totаl, no matter the quantity of the remote controls. Outside these areas the price is determined additionally.

  1. Is it possible to clone/copy/duplicate a newly purchased remote control from an already working one?

Only the new Beninca remote controls with ARC coding To.Go2A and To.Go4A are cloneable. For this purpose, it is necessary to purchase a Happy.2Ak model remote control. Assistance will be provided upon purchase for the cloning/copying.

  1. How to change the code type of the To.Go2VA and To.Go4VA remote controls

The To.Go2VA and To.Go4VA remote controls work both with the old 64-bit code (all Beninca control units from before 2016) and with the new 128-bit coding, the so-called ARC (advanced rolling code). To find out how to switch modes on the remote, please watch the attached video: