30Sep 2020

In order to optimize the models of flashing lights available starting from November, the new LAMPY model will be available with 12 ÷ 255 Vac / dc power supply and integrated antenna, which will replace both the LAMPI.LED and the LAMPI24.LED models.

20Jul 2020

This type of automatic parking barriers have built-in HOOP devices similar to those in smart homes. They are managed through a mobile application called BeMove (Beninca’s patent), which allows registered users to open the barrier using their own smartphones. One push of a button on the phone screen is enough to raise the barrier and […]

29May 2020

Beside Ltd. delivered and put into operation turnstiles for access control in the building of the Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority (BULATSA) on Brussels Blvd. 1. The turnstiles are a type of “gate” with tempered glass partitions, protective photocells and traffic lights. The new turnstiles were integrated into existing access controls and passed the 72-hour […]

04May 2020

In view of the epidemiological situation in Bulgaria and the need for distance, Beside offers a new product – a fast transparent door. It is suitable for banks, offices and retail outlets where more people are gathered. For prices, delivery and installation, please refer to the Beside retail outlets.

04Mar 2020

Beside Ltd. participated in the Architectural and Construction Week Exhibition, which this year took place from February 25th to February 28th at the Inter Expo Center Sofia. At the company’s stand were exposed current models of barriers, bollards and anti-parking devices, as well as various types of automatics offered by the company. A number of […]