05Sep 2019

Fast 24 Vdc gear motor with integrated controller for intensive use. The integrated controller makes it possible to calculate the position of the motor starting from the measurement of instantaneous speed (virtual encoder). Maximum performance and speed (25 m/min with 1200 kg). The virtual encoder means that slowing can be properly managed and the movement tracked […]

17Jul 2019

Automating a pedestrian access point can be particularly complex in cases where because of explicit aesthetic constraints you need to have an automation device that reduces the visual impact on the environment to a minimum. In order to respond to these specific requirements, MYONE has developed an automatic door, called LUCE S, characterized by an […]

29Nov 2018

Happy series transmitters are available with 2 (HAPPY.2VA) or 4 (HAPPY.4VA) channels. Interchangeable green cover has soft lines, a sign of essential design. Available accessories: three different coloured covers respectively for the version with 2 or 4 channels. (FLIP.2/FLIP.4) Double code, Advanced Rolling Codeto guarantee maximum security due to the length of the transmitted code […]

14Nov 2018

New BeMOVE system to manage automatic access remotely and more. Through scenario management, use of time-band devices or activation of controls through the smartphone GPS function, this system does everything that you want, when you want it and especially when you are absent. The system has a central gateway (HOOP) which acts as the interface […]

01Dec 2010

“Beside” Ltd delivered and installed automation type Beninca BN E 24 for swinging gates for the national Theatre “Ivan Vazov” performance “Fly over cuckoo nest”. We are proud that have though a modest contribution to one incredible presentation and congratulate the Director Alexander Morfov and the actor’s group for their superb professionalism and non spare […]